Tim (visions) wrote in lj_win32,

new feature

added a "make list" feature. ctrl-T is the shortcut. it is meant to be used in the following manner:
  • type in your text, with each item of the list being a new line
  • hilight the list
  • hit ctrl-t

right now, it does have a little "peculiar" behavior in that it will make a bullet item of a blank line if that line is in the list somewhere. i couldn't get it to stop doing it though, so for now, ill leave it.

if you hit ctrl-t without anything selected, it will make a one bullet list for you and let you enter the text. this is NOT the way you should go about using it. the way detailed first should be used instead.

this feature makes an unordered list ONLY. and it includes the optional end tag for each list element (</li> is optional)..

get it here


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