Tim (visions) wrote in lj_win32,

1.4.5 official

yay. 1.4.5 installers are made. just waiting for brad to post them to /download so i can post to news.

here are the official changes:

new features in 1.4.5:

  • changed tab order (1 tab for post options, 2 tabs for post)
  • more auto-detection for music now detects (in order):

    • Winamp
    • Sonique
    • FreeAmp
    • Media Player 6
    • Windows CD Player

  • installer updated to the newest version and crc checking added
  • auto-detect for music behavior changed

    • now only automatically replaces the text if it detects music and nothing was there previously, otherwise it leaves it alone
    • detect now button will overwrite the text as long as it finds something playing, regardless of if there is anything there already

  • dynamic menus were made to support more than one submenu
  • make dialog now supports inline images

    • you can also set the height and width

  • new behavior for make dialog

    • select a "URL" and it will auto-fill in the URL in the dialog
    • this will default to an inline image if the url has the extension jpg, gif, or png.


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