July 16th, 2003


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For those of you having dll problems with oleacc.dll, grab the following file: oleacc.dll and use it instead. it is a dummy dll that returns success on the 3 defined functions. Note that this dll was done by artefactsoft.com and is found to work fine in our case as well. This could cause potential problems elsewhere, but it isn't all that likely. Hopefully this will fix your problems. Enjoy.

Also, as always... the main applications can be grabbed as follows, to get the full version download livejournal-1.4.7-BETA2WA3-full (this is a link) for spell check support or the lite version at livejournal-1.4.7-BETA2WA3-lite (this is a link) if you dont want the spell check support or reliance on the mfc libs (statically built).