March 17th, 2002



so it has been ages since there have been any changes released to the client. today, that changes.

1.4.7-BETA2 is now released:

  • migration to .net development platform, hence the installers

  • several miscellaneous bug fixes (i forget what they all were)

  • /interface/flat change

  • ctrl-d shortcut to <strike>

  • picture keyword true display of what is on the server

  • windows xp media player music detection (with aid of skin like mp7)

  • tons of installer changes

  • upgraded to the latest version of nsis

  • rewrote most of the nsi code

  • tried to work around the upgrade dll issues

  • moved away from zlib and used bzip2 instead for the installer

want it? if so, the usual disclaimer follows. this is beta software, and not sanctioned. if it blows up your computer, it is your own fault. :)

get the full version for spell check support or the lite version if you dont want the spell check support or reliance on the mfc libs (statically built).

now, also be advised that i worked around the fact that the .net architecture core library files is a 21 meg download. the necessary dll's for the client should be included in the installer package. they are the final release versions included with visual

the caveat... this should no longer work on any product that has reached end of life according to microsoft. this means that people running windows 95 *SHOULD NOT* use this. it should be fine for 98, 2000, xp, and i think nt4 (at least with some updated service packs). i have not tried it on win95.. but if someone brave wants to give it a shot... let me know.

with that said, enjoy. any problems that crop up with the installer and such, let me know.. i'll see what i can do to fix it.

update: if you get a message about the installer not finding a file, ignore it and let the installer finish. it will install the file for you. i will try to make it more silent, but i have to dig more into nsis to see how to do it.