June 5th, 2001



i worked on http proxy support with ericnew (he was my proxy testing person) for 4.5 hours... then another hour on my own.


anyway, it's still broke, but much further... i ended up having to do the http connect manually and not use the library. the reason... MS's api is fucked. in more detail, anytime you use a CHttpfile and do a send request.. it prefixes it with a / if it isnt there, in other words.. when going through a proxy you get POST /http://www.blah.com/url/ HTTP/1.1

that is obviously broke. there is no way to shut that off either. GAH. maybe i should inherit that class and override that function... is that possible? hrm... maybe... anyone know for sure? i woul dhave to find the source for that function to figure out what it is doing though... im not sure if that is available and i am too tired to check at the moment... but i dont think it is.


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