March 31st, 2001


unofficial update

here is the changed 1.4.7-beta compile with mediaplayer 7 music detection support (with a special skin only) as well as a explicit stated preconfig notion for the proxy users. i also added a INTERNET_FLAG_DONT_CACHE flag to the connection to specify that the post attempts should not be cached. this is my own personal changes due to something that i ran into.

the skin for mediaplayer must have something like:

function UpdateMetadata()
metadata.value = "Track: ";
metadata.value += " By: "+player.currentmedia.getiteminfo("author");
metadata.value += " Length: "+player.currentmedia.durationString;
view.title = metadata.value


get it here if you want it

this is by no means official anymore, so your mileage may vary. if anyone wants to test out the proxy stuff for me, feel free to post as to whether or not it works here. the settings for it are under the file menu at the login window and propogate through all requests to the server.

keep in mind that i dont have a proxy here to test it on. i could do an anon proxy, but i dont think there are any public ones out there that have a username and password associated.

so, this is untested, so cross your fingers if you need it to work. if you dont, then its all good anyway.