December 22nd, 2000

  • visions

friends list change

the friends list view has now been changed to one tab.. with icons for friend, friend that is also a friendof, and just friendof. that was entirely too much work to get it to do what I wanted in an smart way... but now it is UBERSEXY about how it goes about doing it. I use an ItemData state to store whether it is a friendof or not... and maintain that state when playing with the data. also started, but not implemented is some other goodies for the friends dialog.

when I am done with them.. ill share. filtering and stuff like that is still on the plate for things to do on the friends list. those features will be added soon... so please dont ask about them :)

there was also a GUI fix in the process, the LVIS_SELECTED wasnt setting focus as well, i fixed that. there was also a possible issue arising with bitmasks for the friend groups... due to the order of which i processed. this has been changed so that friend groups are processed before friends.. that way the bitmasks are updated accordingly.

other clients will want to take note of that... if they do an includegroups... it MUST be processed first if you rely on the bitmasks when adding your friends.

get it here

this one really needs to be exhaustively checked. I may have missed something. please test it thoroughly.